Conceptive C

Conceptive C

By Harry McGeough

  • Release Date : 2011-11-01
  • Genre : Programação
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Conceptive C Conceptive-C is an AI programming Language based on Objective-C and C Language. It is a superset of both languages and is designed to work with Apple Mac OS X and iOS. The implementation is currently under development for GNU GCC.

Conceptive C uses concepts to program natural language and Artifical Intelligence based computer language based on Objective C.

One of the first computer programs that I saw was in an Advert for the Apple II. Someone was typing in questions and the computer was answering them.

Having a conversation with the computer seemed like an easy thing to do, only it’s not.

Computers still have problems understanding English or Natural language. It didn’t matter. I got hooked on programming computers. First in Basic, then 6502 Assembler, then Forth and C language.

I have always wanted to write a computer program that I could have a conversation with, I have thought about it over the years and I think I am a lot nearer to having a computer program that can understand English.

In a sort of you can’t get there from here, I figured out that I needed to make a language that would allow me to program AI ideas and concepts. I have done a bit of object programming using Objective C. I liked the way that Objective C added just enough to C to allow for programming of Objects.

I wanted to do the same thing using Conceptive C to program idea’s and concepts.